Book It Forward in Schools

We have a big dream of being able to provide every child we visit at school with their very own copy of Leave a Little More to take home. 
Often, families choose to order a copy of the book for their child ahead of our school visit so that they can bring it in on the day-of and we can sign it and/or write a special message in it for the child. But, understandably, this is not always feasible for every family. Wouldn't it be a beautiful example of "leaving a little more" love in the lives of young children if we were able to make it happen anyway?
That's why we created the Book It Forward program.
If you'd like to purchase copies of Leave a Little More to support our mission to provide literacy + art enrichment in schools and ensure every child leaves our visit with a free, signed copy of the book, please contact us here and/or use the following codes at checkout:
CLASSROOM30 for 30% off of your purchase, and
BOOKITFORWARD to zero out the auto-calculated shipping costs
Books purchased with these discount codes will not be shipped to you. They will remain in our warehouse, where they'll be labeled "school donation" and stored away to access on an as-needed basis to ensure all kids in the classes we visit are able to take a book home with them that day. If you have any questions (or other ideas!), please don't hesitate to contact us. We're all ears, always.
Remember, a portion of all profits from Leave a Little More go directly to the U.S. Soccer Foundation no matter what. If you choose to Book It Forward and purchase books to be donated to students, your purchase has double the impact. We think that's pretty cool.
Thank you for *leaving a little more* generosity in this world as we look to inspire the next generation to do the same!