School Enrichment Visits

Simply put: we love visiting schools. There is nothing more heart-melty than gathering 'round the carpet to talk with the next generation about how to "leave a little more" goodness in the world—especially when paired with snacks, story time, interactive crafts, q&a, book signings and more. What's not to love? But really though. It's the best.
Our school enrichment programming varies by age and group size and is funded through our Book It Forward program. In general, you can expect the following elements:
  • live reading of the story
  • fun, age-appropriate discussion of book's theme + key elements
  • watercolor illustration demonstration w/ interactive, guided craft for each student to complete
  • behind-the-scenes look at "how to make a book" from concept-to-complete, including a demo of our original manuscript drafts, storyboard, rough sketches, final art, etc. 
  • q&a (ask us anything!)
  • book signing opportunity
If you're interested in learning more about our school visit programming and/or arranging a time for us to come visit your school, please reach out via our contact form and we'll be in touch!
We also have a big dream of being able to provide every child we visit at school with their very own copy of Leave a Little More to take home. Learn more about our Book It Forward school book donation program, which is what helps make this enrichment programming possible.